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Pool and Hot Tub Wiring Fairfax

pool and hot tub wiringAre you planning on installing an outdoor pool or hot tub in you Fairfax, Baltimore, Alexandria or Maryland home? Many people dream about having a pool or hot tub installed in their backyard. However, when a pool or hot tub is not installed correctly it can lead to hazards. For this reason it is not a good idea to attempt to install a pool or hot tub on your own. Instead, contact certified electrical technologies In Fairfax to install the electrical for your new pool or hot tub correctly. Their experienced residential electricians are knowledgable about pool and hot tub electrical and will make sure that they are installed correctly and safely. It is important that you have your pool installed by an expert so that you know that it is safe to use.

Looking for an electrical company to install your pool In Fairfax contact CET today.

Hot Tub Wiring Requirements

All hot tubs need a dedicated 240V GFCI circuit in order to operate safely. Knowing this, you will need to make sure that your home is running at least 100 amp service. Most of the homes built in the last 30-40 years will meet this requirement. In fact most modern homes highly exceed 150+ amp service. However if you live in an older home you will likely have to upgrade your electrical service before you can have a hot tub installed. If this is the case the electricians at CET can easily do a “heavy up” service to upgrade your home’s electrical service so that you can have a hot tub installed.

Hot Tub and Electric Safety Precautions

If you are hoping to have a hot tub installed their are a few precautions that you will need to take.

1. Never install a hot tub directly below power lines. This is very unsafe and a violation of the National Electrical Code!

2. Always avoid underground wiring when installing an outdoor hot tub. If you have space restrictions do not wire the hot tube less than five feet away. You hot tub should also be installed in a metal conduit, metal conduit or non metallic raceway system.

3. Do not install any lighting within 10 feet of the hot tub.

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Reasons to Choose CET in Fairfax for hot tub installation

Certified Electrical Technologies are a family owned and operated electrical business. We have been providing hot tub and pool electrical installation services for many years. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellent electrical service for residential, commercial and industrial.

Our services are fully inclusive and cover everything from new wiring to electrical maintenance. We specialize in electrical troubleshooting and repair.

Each CET electrician is fully certified and highly trained. We are licensed by the state to provide up to code, safety-assured electrical work that always passes inspection.

We are well known in Fairfax for delivering excellence. All CET staff are:

  • Courteous, professional and on time
  • Knowledgable and experienced
  • Properly trained to deal with all electrical issues
  • Accurate and effective in identifying your electrical problem
  • Fully equipped and ready to go
  • Able to provide both residential and commercial electrical services

For all of your needs relating to hot tub and pool installation in Fairfax you can trust Certified Electrical Technologies!


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