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Infrared Thermographic Inspections in Maryland and Virginia

infrared thermography residentialFor years Certified Electrical Technologies has been providing residential electrical services for homeowners in Fairfax. They also do state of the art electrical inspections to help identify electrical issues and efficiency problems. Since the early days of Certified Electrical Technologies we have been dedicated to helping our customers save money. One way that we do this is by identifying energy efficiency issues in their home.

The best way to save money on your heating bill is by doing an infrared thermographic inspection and identifying where the heat in your home is escaping. The experts at CET can perform an inspection with our infrared camera. We have highly trained technicians who can identify where your house is losing energy and costing you money.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for infrared thermography in Fairfax contact us today!

What Should You Expect From an Infrared Inspection?

If you decide to have an infrared inspection performed in your Fairfax home this is what we can check for:

  • Faulty wiring, breakers and fuses
  • Moisture spots
  • Hidden mold and mildew
  • Leaky pipes and ducts
  • Leaks in the roof and ceilings
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Spots where you’re losing heat and energy
  • Potential structural integrity problems
  • Inadequate insulation
  • Problems with your ventilation
  • Potential termite infestations
  • Potential spots where other pests may live

Why Should You Get a Thermographic Inspection

When you combine your thermographic inspection with other inspection methods you can learn everything that their is to know about your home.

Some of the issues that we can identify include:

Water leaks: using infrared technology we can scan your home and reveal the moisture that is inside your plumbing systems, roods, widows and other. Areas that have moisture will appear darker.

Insulation issues: scanners will show the large temperature differences within your home and identify where your heat is escaping.

Electrical systems: the best thing that an infrared inspection can do for you is find the problems in your home electrical that need to be repaired.

Structural problems: Lastly having an infrared inspection performed will help you identify if their are any structural problems within your home. Things like poor heat transfer, conductivity and more! An infrared camera inspection is also the best way to identify missing components.

Certified Electrical Technologies provides infrared camera inspections for Fairfax homeowners. They will help you to identify if there are any problems lurking behind the walls.

Reasons to Choose Certified Electrical Technologies for Fairfax

Certified Electrical Technologies are a family owned and operated electrical business. We have been providing outdoor lighting installation for many years. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent electrical service for residential, commercial and industrial.

Our services are fully inclusive and cover everything from new wiring to electrical maintenance. We specialize in electrical troubleshooting and repair.

Each CET electrician is fully certified and highly trained. They are licensed by the state to provide up to code, safety-assured electrical work that always passes inspection.

We are well known in Fairfax for excellence. All CET staff are:

  • Courteous, professional and on time
  • Knowledgable and experienced
  • Properly trained to deal with all electrical issues
  • Accurate and effective in identifying your electrical problem
  • Fully equipped and ready to go
  • Able to provide both commercial and residential electrical services

For all of your needs relating to infrared inspection in Fairfax, you can trust Certified Electrical Technologies!


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