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Heavy Ups Services Fairfax

Heavy Ups Services FairfaxIf you live in an older home that was built 20 or more years ago it may not have the electrical power to handle your modern electrical needs. At Certified Electrical Technologies we can provide you with heavy up services for your Fairfax home to guarantee that you have the power that you need to enjoy your life.

The experts at Certified Electrical Technologies provide a service called a “heavy up” that increases the home’s electrical service capacity to run the devices smoothly. We are available at any time for heavy up installation services in Fairfax.

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When do you need a heavy up upgrade?

For better electrical performance – have your lights been flickering when you turn on your appliances? Do you find that your breaker frequently trips? If this happens in your Fairfax home then you may need to have a heavy up done to resolve the issue.

Improve Electrical Safety

New electrical panels have been designed to handle modern-day electrical demands. These electrical panels are also extremely safe. However, older electrical panels may have certain issues that can become fire hazards. It is a good idea to replace an electrical panel that is over 30 years old. If you live in an older house with an old electrical panel then you should contact the professionals at Certified Electrical Technologies for upgrade services.

Renovation or Expansion

If you have been thinking about expanding your home a heavy up is the first step. A heavy up assures that your home has enough electrical power to handle your new expanded space or renovated area.

What does heavy up mean?

A heavy up is a term used to refer to a power upgrade in your home or a commercial building. It is a service where an electrical actually increases the amount of wattage that your electrical system can handle.

Reasons to Choose CET in Fairfax:

We have been providing heavy up services for many years. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent electrical service for residential, commercial and industrial.

Our services are fully inclusive and cover everything from new wiring to electrical maintenance. We specialize in electrical troubleshooting and repair.

Each CET electrician is fully certified and highly trained. They are licensed by the state to provide up to code, safety-assured electrical work that always passes inspection.

We are well known Fairfax for delivering excellence. All CET staff are:

  • Courteous, professional and on time
  • Knowledgable and experienced
  • Properly trained to deal with all electrical issues
  • Accurate and effective in identifying your electrical problem
  • Fully equipped and ready to go
  • Able to provide both residential and commercial electrical services

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