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Appliance Wiring

Appliance Wiring In Fairfax

Appliance Wiring In Fairfax

New homes have the electrical system to support all of your appliances and electronics. However, there are certain appliances and electronics that do require a lot of power to operate smoothly. Items such as dryers, microwaves and dishwashers all need to be hooked up on dedicated circuits to work without switching off the breaker. If you have been experiencing interruptions the problem could potentially be that you have a large appliance plugged into a regular outlet. The best way to resolve this is to have a dedicated circuit for your appliance installed by Certified Electrical Technologies. At CET we are skilled at performing residential electrical tasks. We have many years of experience dealing with appliance wiring In Fairfax homes. When you choose us we will take care of the job promptly, leaving your home in the same condition that it was in when we found it. Our electricians take extra care to make sure that your appliance wiring job is done right! They take the time to hide the electrical wires behind the walls and patch up the holes that are needed to wire your appliances.

You can call Certified Electrical Technologies today to inquire about appliance wiring services in Fairfax!

Appliances Wiring Services By Certified Electrical Technologies:
At Certified Electrical Technologies we can create dedicated circuits for the following appliances:

Washers and dryers
Stoves and ovens
Range hoods
Water heaters (gas or electric)
Heating systems (if separate from the cooling system)
Cooling systems (if separate from the heating system)
Dishwashers and garbage disposals (these are usually on the same circuit)
Outside outlets and lights
Flat screen TVs
Any outdoor powered equipment (pool, spa, workshop, fountains, etc.)

If you have been planning on installing a major appliance in your home make sure that your house has the electrical supply to operate it. If not you may need to inquire about Certified Electrical Technologies Upgrade Services.

What Appliances Should Be on A Dedicated Circuit?
Washers and dryers – all washers and dryers drain a lot of energy. For this reason you home’s washer and dryer should be on a dedicated circuit. New dryers require 4-wire circuits, outlets and cords. The experts at Certified Electrical Technologies are the modern-day washer and dryer electrical wiring pros! They will make sure that your washer and dryer are running on their own circuits so that the rest of your system is not overloaded.

Microwaves – Older homes were not built with the electrical systems needed to support microwaves. If you live in an older house you may find that every time you go to cook food your breaker blows. The reason for this is because the electrical panel needs to be upgraded. In some cases microwaves have been installed on the fan wiring – this is not good! When you choose Certified Electrical Technologies we put your microwave on it’s own dedicated circuit to assure that it always works and can be used safely.

Window Air Conditioners – It isn’t uncommon for people to install window air conditioners and pub them into a regular outlet. This is actually not a good idea. Window air conditioners should be installed on their own dedicated line. People who do not put their air conditioner on a dedicated line experience power outages because the circuit is overloaded. This can easily be avoided by contacting Certified Electrical Technologies and have a dedicated line for the AC put in.

Flat Screen TVs- The look of a slim television is becoming very popular. However new flat screen TVs require a lot of of energy to operate. At Certified Electrical Technologies we recommend installing a dedicated circuit to run your TV on to help avoid breaker shorting and tripping while watching TV.

If you want to have a dedicated circuit put in contact Certified Electrical Technologies today. We will take care of your appliance installation needs in Fairfax.

Reasons to Choose CET in Fairfax:

Certified Electrical Technologies are a family owned and operated electrical business. We have been providing appliance installation assistance for many years. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent electrical service for residential, commercial and industrial.

Our services are fully inclusive and cover everything from new wiring to electrical maintenance. We specialize in electrical troubleshooting and repair.

Each CET electrician is fully certified and highly trained. They are licensed by the state to provide up to code, safety-assured electrical work that always passes inspection.

We are well known Fairfax for delivering excellence. All CET staff are:

Courteous, professional and on time
Knowledgable and experienced
Properly trained to deal with all electrical issues
Accurate and effective in identifying your electrical problem
Fully equipped and ready to go
Able to provide both residential and commercial electrical services

For all of your needs relating to appliance installation in Fairfax you can trust Certified Electrical Technologies!

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