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Heavy Ups Service Leesburg VA

What you need to know about heavy ups in Leesburg VA

Homeowners in Leesburg who have purchased older homes should be familiar with the term heavy up.

A heavy up is the process of upgrading a home’s electrical system to support modern appliances.

The reason why a homeowner may want to have a heavy up service done is to make sure that all of their electronics and appliances are able to operate without blowing the breaker.

How to tell when you need a heavy up

Generally homes that were built more than 30 years ago may require heavy up, upgrade services. You will know if you need one because when you are running one or more appliance on the same circuit your power will go out. Most people find this extremely inconvenient. If this is something that you are regularly experiencing at your home in Leesburg then the solution is simple, call an electrician and request a heavy up service.

Another reason why a homeowner may want to have a heavy up service done, is if they are renovating or adding an addition (or rental suite) to their home. Heavy ups assure that there is enough power to support multiple high wattage devices at once.

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