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Exit Fixtures

Exit Fixture Installation in Fairfax

One thing that all business operations require are visible exit signs and fixtures. In Fairfax, Certified Electrical Technologies provides and installs exit signs and emergency lighting fixtures for commercial businesses.

Exit signs have been specifically designed to noticeable and understood by everyone. All commercial business operations are expected to have clear signs marketing the exits in case of a fire. Because the red EXIT sign is generally universal this is most common type of exit fixture that business owners display.

Exit fixtures with emergency lighting

When there is a power outage, exit fixtures may also become a source of light. In the instance of a fire visibility make become difficult. For this reason all exit fixtures tend to be permanently illuminated and have a back up source of power. This is essential for assuring that in the case of an emergency everyone is able to leave the building safely.

Who installs Exit Fixtures in Fairfax?

If you are looking for someone to provide and install a new exit fixture for your commercial business in Fairfax contact Certified Electrical Technologies today. CET has experience providing and exit fixtures for business owners in Fairfax and surrounding area. They can also provide maintenance as well as replacement service for existing exit fixtures.

For all of your needs relating to recessed lighting replacement Fairfax you can trust Certified Electrical Technologies!