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One of the most common electrical services required by homeowners are heavy ups. In today’s blog we are going to discuss what heavy ups are and when they are required.

A heavy up is a term that many people have heard but very few actually know what it means. Heavy ups is the term used to describe a very specific electrical service. Basically, all a heavy up is, is an upgrade of your home’s electrical system so that it can handle more electronic devices.

Heavy ups are most frequently required in older homes that were built before a certain time period (30 years or older). Heavy ups are also occasionally needed when a home is renovated or an addition is added on. For the most part heavy ups are performed by a qualified electrician. Because a full heavy up requires replacing the entire electrical system, it is not a do it yourself task and should be left to a professional.

How to tell if you need a heavy up service in your home

If you live in an older home and frequently experience power outages, and circuit tripping than you may very well require a heavy up service.

Most of the time you can tell if you need this service, because when you are running more than one electrical device your power will go out.

The reason why this happens is because your electronics are pulling too much electricity for the service to handle. By having a 200 amp service upgrade done, you can prevent this from happening.

Newer electronics, such as flat screen TVs, microwaves and hair dryers draw a lot of power at once. If you experience inconvenient power outages in your older home it could be because you require a heavy up. At Certified Electrical Technologies in Fairfax we provide heavy up services for homeowners.

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